Sisters 26. Woke approximately her beating youngster using a brown leather belt you’d MAYBE use on the six or…

Woke approximately the woman’s beating kid with a brown leather belt you’d MAYBE use on a 6 or seven 12 months old. Lives at drag racing hack download homes Believe the lady can be addicted to pharmacy drugs.

Im 16. It had been repeating and the girl or perhaps he kept crying. I kept waiting for her in order to stop, yet when I arrived around the scene the space ( after ten times along with the woman’s screaming “you gonna learn how to listen”, etc) the girl has been swinging her along with hitting the girl using the belt HARD. Im worried that if u could withstand that then ur any horrible parents. Lives from homes Believe your woman can be hooked on pharmacy drugs.

Am im getting also sensitive? Involved but forgot to be able to record. Sorry regarding text, in phone.

. This ended up being pertaining to using donuts off of table and wanting to consume them. Often can this. Mother wasn’t home.

Can Be hitting a two 12 months old with a belt little one abuse?

Im 16. Sisters 26. Came residence from soccer practice and she or even he had been laid out upon couch passed out, slurring the woman’s speech when child had been standing around holding diaper with popcorn upon floor. Came house from school and she ended up being laid out in couch passed out, slurring her speech when child has been standing around holding diaper along with popcorn upon floor